About Bob Boylan

Bob Boylan is a presentation skills trainer and professional landscape photographer with a zest for life. He has been self-employed since the age of thirty-one. He founded Successful Presentations and travels across the country delivering “training that takes” to middle to senior management. His goal is to help people change their paradigms and open their minds to a better way of doing things.

A native of Minnesota, Bob attended Saint Thomas University in Saint Paul, then transferred to the University of Minnesota where he graduated with a BA in psychology. He has five children and six grandchildren.

Bob lives his life based on the following foundational principles: The glory of God is a human being “fully alive”! Do not lead a “woulda, coulda, shoulda” life. Holy Spirit is Bob’s best friend, shepherd, chief operating officer and strategic partner. Give 110% in everything you do.

After photographing the best tulip gardens in Austria, Bob and his wife Linda decided to sell everything they owned and move to Salzburg in 2013. Today, Bob and Linda live in Woodland Park, Colorado, where they’re always looking for their next adventure.

Bob is the author of Retirement: Your New Adventure! and 4 Ideas with Actionable Wisdom.