Retirement: Your New Adventure!

Boylan goes in a different direction than most retirement books. Retirement: Your New Adventure! springs from Bob Boylan’s desire to creatively encourage and inspire readers to seize the opportunity brought by retirement or other changes. His easy to read, but challenging “thought-starters” help spark the reader to think beyond past career and move forward with creativity, joy, and great hope into the adventures ahead.

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4 Ideas With Actionable Wisdom

4 Ideas With Actionable Wisdom is the best possible combination of practical and inspirational, gently guiding the reader to consider and take action on the ideas within. In 4 Ideas With Actionable Wisdom, Boylan shares insight about finding balance, cultivating gratitude, making changes, and increasing creativity. He plants these “seeds” in the hope that they will take root, so that as readers digest and apply each idea it will refresh their spirits and change their lives.

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Bob Boylan is an acclaimed landscape and travel photographer. Prints are available for purchase through his online gallery.

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Bob Boylan

About Bob Boylan

Bob Boylan is a professional landscape photographer, author, nationally known presentation skills trainer, and self described “seed planter of ideas to creatively encourage and inspire others.” He has written books distilling his principles of presentation making, leadership, and life philosophy.

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