Bob Boylan

Changing Gears

About Bob

I am most fulfilled when I am using my two major gifts; the gift to encourage and the gift to inspire others. 

I do my best to demonstrate my character traits of being passionate, purposeful, diligent, hopeful, joyful and courageous.

My wife Linda and I are living out our "faith adventure" in France where I have written this book

Bob Boylan

It usually doesn't take someone 17 years to write a book.

But I didn't just write this book; I've experienced this book.

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Now What

It's simply a smart idea to read a book helping you think through options to answer the question, Now What?

Remember When or Guess What

The book helped me decide what I wanted to be talking about during retirement: "remember when”, or, "guess what we are going to be doing next month"

Think Bigger

The book delivered on pushing my dream buttons to think bigger

Yearnings and Dreams

The book's ideas helped me uncover yearnings and dreams

See Possibilities

The ideas in this book helped me "see" possibilities I would never have thought of.

Relish the Ride

The author delivered on his promise to inspire me to relish the ride of retirement

Changing Gears - Relish the Ride

The purpose of this book is “To inspire you to relish the ride of your retirement” as I have mine.

I believe my photography and ideas will help you choose which doors to walk through on this next adventure in your life.

Why should you buy this book?

If you have either already retired, or are about to, you will face the inescapable question: “Now what?”

“Changing Gears” describes the ideas I used to push my own “dream buttons” as I answered that question.

My opinion is you should gear both down and up to “relish the ride.”


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